A Modern Day Psalm

When my chest feels tight because of anxiety and my own worrisomeness, I will remember your goodness and faithfulness. I will look at the blue tassel and remember your deliverance always comes.

When Facebook reveals something I would rather not know, I will remember that you know all things and that nothing surprises you. You were. You are. You will be, and you know how it all will unfold.

When I’m over analyzing everything, as I’m prone to do, I will remember that it’s not up to me to figure it out. You are God. I am not.

When I get distracted by a notification, a picture, an update, or any other fleeting moment of insignificance, will you move the Holy Spirit to nudge me back to your presence?

When I feel like retreating from your people, whisper to me that community matters to you. I will listen with your help.

When I feel entitled, help me remember the cross and the price you paid for my life. I don’t deserve anything, and anything I have is from you, no matter what my culture says.

When I think that I don’t have time for you, I will remember that you made time itself and that you hold all events in your hands. Everything else can wait.

In all things I will worship you. With all that I am I will try to know you, knowing that you yourself will make up the difference in everything that I lack. If I don’t have it in me, I’ll ask you for it because you give generously.

Let my life praise you and not myself. Your name outlasts everyone else’s and everything. My legacy should be your name. Let the whole world praise you for your goodness and faithfulness. Help us see you. Help us know you.

All good things have come from you. You make coffee beans to grow. You wake the roaster in the mornings to roast the harvest. You use the sweet taste of nature to cheer my spirit and to bring people together. You give the architect a vision so that I have a place to sit and meditate on your words. You put a search for beauty into the heart of man so that music might play and warm the cold places in our hearts. You pour out talent that fills my cup in rich rosette with just enough foam. You are at the heart of all beautiful grand designs.

You give us friends to go on beach vacations so that we can marvel at the sun and the waves, all the works of your hands. You knew we would need places to rest. You knew we would need each other.

You let us keep on living and enjoying the good things of this life while you keep searching out those who are lost. You invite us into your world and your work. You give us beauty. You give us adventure. You delight us with yourself, and I am grateful.

Etc. etc. etc. etc, never ending. Amen.


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