Stay Curious

While the Supreme Court was ruling and Obama was singing, current events were breaking the Internet, namely my Facebook feed. I decided not to weigh in publicly because quite frankly, I was still wrestling a lot of it out in my own mind and heart with God. So, I didn’t write publicly, and I probably won’t. I think some other people have said quite enough, and I hope that my life speaks a better word that what I could write.

Meanwhile, I’ve been mostly not working. It’s nice to get a paycheck through the summer for the endless hours of grading student essays I power through during the year, but the not-working life is not for me. I get restless, stir crazy, and lonely. I took the entire month of June off after my voluntary three weeks of extra work in May. Thankfully I go back to real work next week with another project for incoming freshmen, a bridge program to get them college-ready in English. I have no idea what I’m in for, but I’m very excited to be back to a routine, especially one that involves the students.

What has been nice this summer is a collection of essays called Love and Other Ways of Dying, on loan to me from one fancy-pants introvert professor, Julie Jarnefeldt. The stories are oddly beautiful and inspiring, much like the very lady who was kind enough to share her hardback treasure with me. Also, one of my best friends Carmen brought me back a box of macarons from her trip to Paris, and I rationed them with divine self-control over the span of a week. They were heavenly!

I’ve also been doing as much yoga as I possibly can, which is good for me in so many ways. I’ve recently discovered Yoga East Ooltewah, which is in Cambridge Square, adjacent to Wired coffee bar, a juice and fro-yo bar, Lupi’s pizza, Southern Burger Co., Heaven and Ale, and Wine Down. I’ve undoubtedly hit the jackpot here. Speaking of yoga, I think God may have some plans in store that I’m beginning to see glimpses of here and there. Using Pastor Ritchie’s “formula” for knowing if God is really speaking something, I’m looking for confirmation in the scriptures, in prayer, in conversation and relationship with others, and in my circumstances. I don’t know where the path leads, but I know that sometimes God puts strange and new desires in our hearts for which we can only imagine his purpose. I don’t exactly know how God might use me and yoga, but I do know that he can use anything for good.

I hope to get back to blogging more regularly soon, especially about some of the things I’m discovering in my reading, but it feels good just to write at all today. Hopefully when I come back to my proverbial pen, the world will be as I leave it today, only a bit better.

Peace, Light, Love, and Jesus to you all. Namaste.

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